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There are lots of traditions at weddings but why's confetti such a fixture?

Devon wedding at Buckland House, Buckland Filleigh, Beaworthy EX21 5JD.

'It's not unusual to be loved by anyone' so somebody once said, and it's also not unusual to have confetti chucked at you after your vows. In fact, it's a wedding tradition that some take very seriously.

Confetti has been around for many years. The word confetti is a derivative of the Latin confectum.  This was basically a sweet thrown to the crowd during parades and such like. In the context of weddings, the meaning of throwing grains, sweets, dried flowers or paper was to wish prosperity and fertility on the couple.

The first paper confetti was mass produced in Italy in the late 1800s and quickly caught on for use in any celebration but particularly weddings

These days couples have a lot of choice when it comes to fertility boosting projectiles and the norm is to often opt for a bio-degradable variant.

Confetti photography

The confetti run  - or your alternative - makes for great photographs where there's always something interesting and fun going on. You can help your wedding photographer a lot by:

1. Giving the job of organising the guests to an usher or similar.

2. Keeping your crowd in a tightly packed line/s or circle will nicely concentrate the confetti

3. Walking slowly, if you have a line, will give everyone plenty of 'chuck-time' and helps the photographer keep pace with the action

4. Be clear with your guests if you are even doing confetti or an alternative; many guests will come pre-armed lwith a bag full and dump it on you the first chance they get!

Orbit Confetti photos

  • Devon wedding at Fremington Methodist Church and Alverdiscott Village Hall; Kealeigh & Paul
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