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Spotlight picture: Smokers at a wedding

St Elizabeth's House, Plymouth wedding photography

This is a picture from the fabulous wedding of Jordan & Stephen at ST Elizabeth’s Hotel, Plymouth.

It’s a particular favourite of mine from their wedding not for any technical prowess on my part but simply for the fact that it captures a ‘real’ moment in time and two priceless expressions - 'people being people'.

I believe shots like this have a timeless and emotional quality to them and it’ll get a giggle from family members for years to come - that’s what wedding photography should be.

The image has a blunt directness that comes with some of my documentary style wedding photography. It’s all about the ‘snapshot aesthetic’ and not trying to paint an interminable picture perfect sameness that permeates so much wedding photography that it’s difficult to discern one photographer from another.

You have to be a little brave to take an image like this. As I strolled about I saw the potential of the group and the two smoking ladies.

Smokers at wedding are great to photograph - there’s a illicit quality to what they are up to and huge potential for big laughs - I swear they seem to have the most fun!

I got close. Then closer still. And waited for them to notice me to see what reaction I got. So what happened next….? Well, they asked for a nice picture of course... :)

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