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Spotlight picture: dancing on the patio!

Alternative | Unposed | Candid wedding photography

This is a favourite of mine from Debi and Jordan's Christmas themed pub wedding. Why do I love it?

At every wedding there are always stories within stories; It’s not all about the couple. I will be mindful of this during the day and look out for what your guests are up to. This is one example, two characters who spent as much time laughing, dancing and smoking out on the pub patio as they did inside.

In terms of the picture, i love the hint of movement. There is a sense of immediacy and authenticity about it - I love that. The picture has got a story: he's dancing in the drizzle, slowly and happily getting pissed; the Grandma's taking a drag from a fag like it might be her last. Both these characters had that ‘life and soul of the party’ about them that I feel comes across in the picture.

This is what I like to photograph. It's reportage, documentary style. By this stage, I was one of the crowd and no-one paid any attention to what I was doing. It's genuine and taken in a split-second, but the moment will last forever.


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