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Candid and natural style of wedding photography

Story telling documentary approach

Devon wedding at Buckland House, Buckland Filleigh, Beaworthy EX21 5JD.

When looking for a wedding photographer, it doesn’t take long to realise that there are oodles of different styles out there: traditional, fine art, alternative, editorial, creative, natural, documentary, reportage, photo-journalist, real, vintage, boho, candid...


It's all a bit baffling, especially when many terms are misused. So many options when all you want is a flipping good photographer; preferably one who isn’t a weirdo!

I am not a weirdo

While there's not much I can do about the multitude of options, what I can do is go some way to explaining my style of photography so at least you know what the blazes I'm all about.

Candid weddings

So after looking at my Homepage I hope you realise that I’m a very candid wedding photographer. And in plain English I think that this means...

"I tell the story of your wedding as it happened, not by orchestrating scenes, but by observing events before me and letting people get on with it, and in doing so avoiding the usual wedding photographer tropes and clichés."

This type of approach is most often described as natural, documentary, photojournalist, and reportage. You can read more about story telling documentary approach here.


I like to take my approach a step further. I get in close, I go with the flow in a photojournalist style and I try my best NOT to think like a wedding photographer with all the preconceived conventions and heart shaped group shots that seem to come with many wedding photographers.

It’s not a ‘picture perfect fantasy’

My style is super candid, close and personal, often raw and cheeky, sometimes ‘snapshot’ in feel but I think all these things give many of my pictures an evocative sense of place and time, immediacy and feeling and, importantly, a timelessness.


As you can guess, my style is not for everyone and that’s fine because I don’t want everyone - I want you, a couple who want things a little different!

Key points about my approach

+ The candid and natural story of your day as it was, with lots of cool bits you might have missed - after all you’re quite busy

+ Nothing cringeworthy, no cheesy posing or setups, nor me running about like a demented chicken ticking off template wedding photos

+ A non-bossy, non-interfering laid-back guest at your wedding who’s got a couple of little cameras slung around his neck.

+ Photos of people being people - bold, real life pictures, full of characters and chutzpah. In other words you and your guests having a flipping good time without once deploying the ‘photo face’

+ The option to have a few portraits done if you need them - see examples of my relaxed portrait work here That’s probably enough talking. What you should really be doing is looking at my pictures so below is a selection with a few notes putting them into context with my style and explanation as to why I like them.

Wroxeter hotel wedding photographer

Bridal prep: by this stage of prep, Louise and her daughter no longer noticed me. Here we see a small but emotive moment as they play together no longer so conscious of me being in the room. I also like the framing of Louise' mother in the background this telling a little more of the story which is the aim of the documentary approach.

Alternative | Unposed | Candid wedding photography

This is one of my favourites from Emma & James' wedding and is representative of my shooting style: close to the subject with a wide angle lens and looking for very candid moments that tell a story. It's not by any means a traditional wedding photograph but it has a frankness to it that makes its own beauty.

St Elizabeth's House, Plymouth wedding photography

By keeping a low profile it's possible to capture shots of people just being people. Here I'm using an 85mm lens to allow a more discreet approach that has a cinematic look. I'm actually stood outside of the dining room, and I am able to capture this guest interacting normally with friends. By using the door frame on the right-hand side of the photo I'm also able to both create depth and draw the viewers' attention to the subject.

St Elizabeth's House, Plymouth wedding photography

It would be wrong to suggest that your guests have no idea I'm there. There will be lots of times when I get more involved to help get the shots I'm after and to be part of the fun! The dancefloor is one example of this where my approach is to get involved, get close and use flash. I love this part of the wedding. The pressure's off (including for me!) everyone's more than a little tipsy and the images are full of joie de vivre! You'll notice a lot of my dancefloor shots use direct flash - I love the energy and immediacy of this type of photography.

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